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Fast accelerates in-field operations with an innovative line of Liquid Fertilizer Applicators and Sprayers. Proven over thousands of acres, our products are designed and built from the ground up for increased operational precision and years of reliable, low-maintenance use.

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5000 Gallon Big Acre Series Sprayer - Positioned for large operations and custom applicators spraying high gallons per acre or in areas that have large fields with a lot of acres to cover between fills. This sprayer is a game-changer with Fast's field proven 120' or 132' boom, CAMSO 36" wide tracks, and high flow capacity that can handle up to 60 gallons per acre at 15 mph with a 120' boom (230 gallons per minute).

DuraSpread Dry Fertilizer Spreaders - Multiple options from 8 to 10 ton with 60' or 90' spread patterns and single bin or dual bin capability, each spreader can be set up for ISO compatibility and variable rate application. Each spreader boasts high crop clearance, an adjustable axle, and a stainless steel hopper design to exceed your needs for and provide flexibility for both Fall/Pre-plant and Row Crop application..

FAST in Action

Early in-season nitrogen application by injecting IN THE GROUND helps increase yields and protects your investment

Walkaround video showing the benefits of our Fast 60'-100' sprayers, models 9600 and 9500TF with 1050-2400 gallon tanks. Short Coupled trailer and extremely durable and stable boom structure.

Walkaround video showing the benefits of our Fast 120'-132' sprayers, model 9500T with a 1800 or 2400 gallon tank. The sprayer features our exclusive Hydraulic AutoYaw boom cushioning system.

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Steerable Hitch - Enabled, Disabled

FAST Steerable Hitch

The FAST Steerable Hitch option features turn compensation which will automatically compensate while turning on headlands to leave more bushels in your fields. Click here to see a video and more info....

Fast Exclusive Hydraulic AutoYaw Boom Cushioning  Standard on all 120' and 132' sprayers

Fast Track System Benefits Video

UT3P Sprayer Walkaroud Video - 250/300 gallon 3P Sprayer with 25'-45' boom

Fast Ag Solutions History and  Current Product offering Article

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Agronomy Behind Side-dress and Split Application

CAN YOU AFFORD TO TAKE RISKS WITH YOUR NITROGEN? There has been a lot of discussion on nitrogen timing and the best methods to apply nitrogen. The University of Missouri states it well, “The BMP for timing of nitrogen (N) fertilizer ap...


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