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With an unmatched range of features and innovation, including an industry-leading short-coupled trailer design, extremely durable boom structure, steerable hitch, and exclusive hydraulic AutoYaw boom cushioning and AutoFold technology on pull-type 120’ and 132’ booms, there’s a Fast Sprayer designed to meet the challenges of your fields.

FAST 120'/132' Sprayer Benefits - 9500T

FAST 60'-100' Sprayer Benefits - 9600/9500TF

FAST Hydraulic Auto-Yaw System


Big Wheel

Maneuverable, compact, and durable, this option rich sprayer is offered with a 45' or 60’ boom and a 500 or 750-gallon tank capacity.


Compact, short-coupled trailer design paired with Fast's field proven, extremely durable 60’-100’ booms and 1050 or 1350 gallon tank capacity.


Cover more acres between fills with tank sizes of 1800 or 2400 gallons and boom sizes from 60’ to 100’ while still featuring a short coupled trailed design that is 4' shorter than our primary competition!


The most productive of our pull-type sprayers, with 120’ and 132’ truss-style booms, tank capacities of 1800 or 2400 gallons, and a sensor system that protects and cushions booms during sudden starts, stops and turns. Also standard with AutoFold technology and Raven XRT AutoBoom height control. Pair our 2400 gallon tank with CAMSO tracks to achieve unmatched efficiency and flotation!

Big Acre Series - 5000 Gallon

5000 Gallon Sprayer positioned for large operations and custom applicators spraying high gallons per acre or in areas that have large fields with a lot of acres to cover between fills. This sprayer is a game-changer with Fast's field proven 120' or 132' boom, CAMSO 36" wide tracks (smaller sizes available), and high flow capacity that can handle up to 60 gallons per acre at 15 mph with a 120' boom (225 gallons per minute).

Three-Point Mounted


Eliminate the use of saddle tanks and carry your tank on the 3-Point with this sprayer offering 60’-100’ booms and a 500 or 750 gallon tank integrated with the sprayer boom


Durable, easy-to-use 3-point model with six different boom sizes from 60’ to 100'. Excellent pair with Fast Track Tanks to provide up to 1,000 gallons of capacity.


Our largest 3-Point sprayer with a truss style boom in either 120’ or 132’ widths that comes standard with the exclusive Fast Hydraulic AutoYaw boom cushioning system to provide excellent durability and stability and Raven XRT AutoBoom Height Control.


Extremely handy sprayer to use in many areas of the farm – spraying field borders, pastures, and CRP ground. Manual fold booms of 25’, 30’, and 40’. Hydraulic folding booms in 40' or 45'.

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Operation, Maintenance and Parts information for each FAST AG equipment.

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Parts, Maintenance, Upgrades, Service for the entire lifecycle of our equipment. Our team of qualified engineers and certified technicians are available to keep your operations up and running. Find out more.

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