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DuraPlacer Liquid

Whether making initial strips, or freshening fall-made strips, experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency with DuraPlacer Liquid. This innovative solution combines the power of Yetter Strip Freshener CC's with unmatched nutrient application capacity.

Available as both a 60' or 40' toolbar on 30" rows, and a 1800 or 2400 gallon tank with application speeds of 7-10 mph. 

Whether you need excellent seedbed preparation to warm soils and enhance planter ride, or the creation of new strips on no-till ground, DuraPlacer Liquid delivers.

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What Features Are Available in DuraPlacer Liquid?

Standard Features


  • Can be used to make new strips in the Spring or Fall or freshen Fall-made strips while combining efficient nutrient application
  • Capable of application speeds of 7-10 mph with minimum 325 hp tractor
  • Available as either a 60′ or 40′ toolbar – 24 row or 16 row on 30″ spacing
  • Available with either a 2400 or 1800 tank
  • Narrow transport width of 15’3″
  • Four independent flex hinges across the toolbar and adjustable hydraulic down pressure at each flex point
  • Retractable tongue reduces length in the field
  • Raven RCM or Deere Greenstar rate controllers offered as factory installed options – compatible with mapping, section control, variable rate
What You Need to Know Before You Buy A DuraPlacer Liquid?

Introducing the game-changing DuraPlacer Liquid, a solution for efficient nutrient application and strip creation and/or strip freshening. This revolutionary equipment can be used in Spring or Fall operations, maximizing productivity by boosting toolbar width, tank size, and application speeds.

The DuraPlacer Liquid enables application speeds of 7-10 mph, utilizing a minimum 325 hp tractor. Tailored to meet your specific needs, the DuraPlacer Liquid offers two toolbar options to match your planter or field sizes: a 60' or 40' toolbar, available in 24 or 16 rows on 30" spacing. 

Available in either 2400 or 1800 capacities, accommodating your desired liquid volume requirements and application rates. With ample capacity, you can confidently tackle large-scale operations without the need for frequent refills.

Thanks to its narrow 15'3" transport width, transporting the DuraPlacer is much safer and less stressful when traveling down busy or narrow roads.

Experience unparalleled depth control with DuraPlacer's four independent flex hinges across the toolbar and adjustable hydraulic down pressure at each flex point. This exceptional toolbar flex and downforce helps ensure that even ground contact and pressure is maintained while navigating ground contours, ensuring consistent strip creation/freshening and nutrient placement.

Furthermore, the retractable tongue design reduces the equipment's length in the field, to follow the tractor more effectively and enhancing maneuverability.

For seamless integration, the DuraPlacer Liquid offers compatibility with Raven RCM or Deere Greenstar rate controllers. These factory-installed options provide advanced functionalities, including mapping, section control, and variable rate application. 

Invest in the DuraPlacer Liquid and unlock unmatched productivity, nutrient placement, and improve soil health in your farm operation.

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