DS2-10 - 10 Ton Dual Bin


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DS2-10 - 10 Ton Dual Bin

10 Ton Dual Bin Spreader standard with a 90' spread pattern. This 333 cubic foot spreader comes standard with hydraulic drive conveyor and spinners and is ISO ready for dual product variable rate application.

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DS2-10 - 10 Ton Dual Bin

What You Need To Know About the DS2-10 - 10 Ton Dual Bin?

Standard FeaturesDS2-10 - 10 Ton Dual Bin

  • Dual Bins in either a 50/50 or 60/40 split
  • Dual Product Variable Rate Ready
  • Hydraulic Drive Conveyor and Spinners
  • 90′ spread pattern
  • ISO-Ready to run through any type of ISO-bus display
  • Hopper constructed of 409 stainless steel
  • Retractable Roll Tarp
  • 45″ ground clearance under spinners
  • 37″ ground clearance under frame
  • 380/90R46 Single Tires – Duals or Floaters available
  • Adjustable Axle with 80″-120″ Axle Spacing
  • Bull-Pull Hitch
  • Dual Bin Cameras with 7″ Monitor
  • Power Coat Paint – Durable, Attractive Finish

  • Raven RCM ISO Rate Controller
  • John Deere Greenstar Dry Rate Controller
  • 380/90R46 Duals
  • 850/50 R30.5 High Flotation Tires
  • Scale Kit with Monitor or RCM Integration
  • Backup Camera tied into Bin Camera Monitor

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